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Due to the decision of the General Directorate of Public Health of Aragon to celebrate the Moto GP 2.020 Aragon Grand Prix without public attendance, it is COMMUNICATED that the amount of the reservations made to date will be reimbursed as soon as possible .
For any questions or clarification:
  • Identification for access to camping for the entire stay in the same will be done through a WRIST, in case of loss or tampering will be restricted access to their owner. No refunds are allowed. Without this credentials will be forbiden the Entrance of the person to the camping area. Pets are not allowed.

  • The vehicles will be credited through accreditation for motorbikes, cars or caravans not allowing access to the enclosure of those not accredited. Loss or handling them will override their inherent rights.

  • At the time of entry and during the stay in the camping area is mandatory to follow the instructions of the organization, both guards as ushers, and may be expelled from the same who does not comply with directions or suggestions of them by noticing to the public order forces. Any doubt contact the organization at the reception office empowered to that effect.

  • The organization is not responsible for any damage, theft of thebelongings that may occur to campers, also is not responsible for any damages arising from misuse of facilities or not following the rules and signs, or do not pay attention to the indications of the members of the organization, mainly the ban on driving over 10 km per hour within the enclosure.

  • It is the users obligation to keep clean and in hygienic conditions both the public or private areasused within the premises or camping.

  • It is strictly forbidden to make any type of fire. It is also prohibited the use of any fireworks, sparklers or firecrackers either, or any other within the camping area.

  • It is forbidden The sale of all types of products not authorized by the organization within the camp compound.

  • Users who violate any of the rules or directions of the organization may be expelled from the camp site, if not voluntarily will be given notice to law enforcement.

  • Cancellations of bookings will not be accepted , since September 3 , 2020. For bookings made after that date there is no right of cancellation. For cancellation of the reservation will be communicated by written forwarded to the email before the date and time indicated above , reporting the ID number thereof and the name and phone application holder thereof . In case of suspension of the event (Aragon Grand Prix Moto GP 2020) through no fault of Ocio Gestsevent Alcaniz SL satisfied with the company for the use of facilities or camping tickets purchased amount is not refunded.

  • Orderly allocation of plots of arrival at the camp.

  • Once assigned by the organization the parcels to be occupied by each user, the custody, custody and occupation of the same or the same is the responsibility of the user. In order to do this, it must be responsible for visibly and clearly occupying the use of the same. The organizing company is not responsible in case of occupation of the same by other customers..

  • Camping with environment "biker,  music and party" until 3:00 a.m.

  • At the box office will only be charged in cash.
Information Phone: +34 606 586621
  customer support hours :
from 9:00 to 13:00 hour and from 16:30 to 18:30h.
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